White River

White River Hydro Project

The White River Hydro Project is located on the White River approximately 50 km south of the Town of White River in northern Ontario. This hydro project is a joint venture with Pic Mobert First Nation. There are two separate generation sites Gitchi Animki Bezhig (Upper) and Gitchi Animki Niizh (Lower) that are located 10 Km from each other. The project uses a 21 km new transmission line and has combined total design capacity of 18.9 MW.

The White River project achieved commercial operations on April 24, 2016 (Upper) and April 29, 2016 (Lower). The project provides energy to the IESO under 2 FIT contracts with OPA.

Celebration marks opening of Ontario’s 18.9-MW Gitchi Animki hydropower plant

Innovation & Stewardship Awards


  • Project Ownership: 50% (Project is being developed under a joint venture with the Pic Mobert First Nation)
  • Construction started: August 2013
  • Located near the Town of White River, Ontario
  • Hydraulic Head: Upper 14 m ; Lower 21 m
  • Combined Capacity: 19 MW
    Upper White – Gitchi Animki Bezhig (9 MW) & Lower White – Gitchi Animki Niizh (10 MW)
  • Watershed Area: 4,000 square kilometers
  • 21 km long new 115 KV transmission line

Associated Documentation

PMHI – Notice to Stakeholders – 21May15