Long Lake

Long Lake Hydro Project

Facility – Long Lake Generating Station is a 31 MW hydroelectric project located on Cascade Creek near Stewart, BC, on the border of British Columbia and Alaska. The project was developed as a Joint Venture between Regional Power and Premier Power Corporation, with the cooperation of local First Nations groups. n 2010, the Long Lake project was awarded a 40 year Electricity Purchase Agreement Contract with BC Hydro under the Clean Power Call. The project delivers energy on an hourly firm basis to BC Hydro. In December 2013 the Long Lake project commenced operations.

Technical – The project includes a 7.2 km long penstock which represents a significant engineering feat given the local mountainous terrain. Development of the project has improved the water quality of the Cascade Creek & Salmon River by providing more flows during the critical winter months to dilute effluents from the past mining operations in the area provide a “win-win” technical solution for the community and all the partners in the project.


  • Regional ownership: 80% (Project developed under a joint venture with the Premier Power Corp)
  • Construction started: July 2010
  • Located in B.C. at the Alaska border
  • Hydraulic Head: 775 m
  • Capacity: 31 MW
  • 7.25 km penstock
  • 10km new transmission line