Dease Lake

Dease Lake Generating Station

Regional Power manages the Dease Lake Generating Station, located 30 km west of the Town of Dease Lake, in north-west British Columbia. Like the Sechelt Facility, Dease Lake is a high head alpine plant, drawing water from two alpine lakes (Tsenglode and Hluey). The Dease Lake Generating Station was completed in 1999.  All of the electricity is sold under a long term contract to BC Hydro. Dease Lake is an off-grid source of distributed generation (with diesel backup), which is not connected to BC Hydro’s main grid. This facility supplies the entire energy load for the remote Dease Lake community. It has reduced the town’s dependency on diesel power generation to be limited to as a source of back up generation.


  • 3 MW Capacity
  • located in north-west BC Near the 59th parallel