Bear Creek

Bear Creek Hydro Project

The Bear Creek Hydro Project is a barge access only generation station is located near the town of Sechelt, British Columbia. This run-of-river hydro project has the two power stations, Upper Bear and Lower Bear, which have a total capacity of 20 MW.

The two stations are situated 8 Km from each other and connect to the BC Hydro Clowhom generation station via a 138kV transmission line constructed in partnership with Hydromax Energy Ltd.

Construction commenced in July 2010. The Lower Bear project was completed construction as of December 2011 and the Upper Bear plant was completed construction in May 2012. The Bear Hydro Project provides electricity to BC Hydro under the Standard Offer Program.


  • Regional ownership: 100%
  • Construction started: July 2010
  • 10 Km Northeast of Sechelt Creek Facility
  • Hydraulic Head: 500 m / 125 m (Upper / Lower)
  • Combined Capacity: 20 MW
  • 13.7 km of new 138 KV transmission line