Ryan River

Ryan River Hydro Project

Ryan River Generating Station is located 18 km north of the town of Pemberton, British Columbia. The project is a 153 MW run-of-river hydroelectric development which is located near the base of the Pemberton Icefields. This project benefits from a stable and well understood hydrological regime and has a small environmental footprint.

Once complete, Ryan River Generation Station will use a 10 Km long tunnel to connect the headpond the powerhouse with turbines configured to optimize generation throughout the year.

The permitting for the Ryan River project is in progress.


  • Capacity 145 MW
  • Located near Pemberton, B.C.
  • 426 m of hydraulic head,
  • 10 km tunnel
  • Project is being developed under a joint venture with the Summit Power Group
  • 26.5 Km new transmission line