Vision & Guiding Principles

Vision & Guiding Principles

Vision: We create renewable energy responsibly.

We pursue our vision following these guiding principles.

Develop and foster a team with passion, integrity and a commitment to excellence.

Conduct our activities mindful of the natural environment and indigenous peoples.

Execute projects with long term contributions to our host communities and stakeholders.

Investment Principles

In executing our strategy, Regional Power invests in projects with the following characteristics:

1. Proven technologies – proven power generation technologies and infrastructure assets in situations where we feel our experience and expertise adds value

2. In stable countries with a clear legal framework

3. Long term cash flow potential – long term development rights and/or land access rights

4. High credit quality counterparties or proven and demonstrated market based pricing – projects that have or will likely have a long term electricity purchase agreement with a reasonably creditworthy counterparty, however we will consider projects that are subject to spot market electricity price exposure

5. Control development and financing – development assets where we have a level of control necessary to participate in major decisions
and a first right or offer to provide debt financing

6. Operational control

7. Yielding attractive unlevered rates of return

8. Community support – preference for projects that have local community, government agency, and/or indigenous peoples support