Project Capabilities

Regional Power’s management team has extensive experience in developing, financing, constructing, and operating renewable energy assets.

The company has developed a scalable platform that allows it to work alongside a variety of financial, strategic and local partners to manage projects across the entire project lifecycle and optimize risk/return.

  • Siting

    Picking “the right site” to limit points of opposition (environmental, community, etc.), and environmental and technical requirements that may impose economic restrictions on the projects.

  • Development

    Balanced approach to development focused on social, economic, technical and environmental aspects.

    Buy in from local communities and agencies before process is started.

  • Engineering

    Optimize utilization of resource, adhering to environmental, technical and cost constraints.

    Balance between scope, cost and schedule to develop most economically viable design.

  • Contruction

    Experience managing projects under different contracting methods in challenging terrain and weather conditions.

    Systems and controls in place to manage subcontractors and consultants.

  • Operations

    Continuous improvement to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, and solve problems.

    Culture of commitment and pride in project success.

Finance, Accounting and M&A Services

  • Multi disciplinary team experienced in contract/deal negotiation, financial and project accounting, procurement, financial modeling and deal structuring, and transaction processing and controls.
  • Processes for transparent project oversight, tracking, control and performance management.
  • User friendly, workflow based technology used for project management and procurement.
  • Scalable and integrated processes and technologies.