About Us

Regional Power has been in the business of developing, building, refurbishing and operating renewable energy power plants since 1985. Regional Power is a fully owned subsidiary of Manulife.


Currently, Regional Power operates eleven (11) hydroelectric facilities with a total generating capacity of 107 MW.

Third Party-Owned – 37 MW

  • Previously developed three (3) greenfield hydroelectric facilities (two in BC and one in Ontario, 33 MW total capacity) and rehabilitated three (3) existing facilities in Northern Ontario (4 MW total capacity). In 2001, Regional Power sold these facilities to Clean Power Income Trust (now Capstone Infrastructure Corporation). Regional Power continues to operate these assets for Capstone under a long term contract

Regional Power-Owned – 70 MW


Regional Power has seven (7) projects in various stages of development with an estimated 293 MW of total generating capacity.

Advanced Development

Regional Power has two (2) hydroelectric development sites and one (1) wind power facility at advanced stages of development with a total estimated generating capacity of 260 MW.

Early – Mid Stage Development

In addition, Regional Power has the rights to five (5) other sites which, once they obtain power purchase agreements and are completed, would have an aggregate capacity of 123 MW.

  • 3 in British Columbia
  • 1 in Ontario, and
  • 1 in Quebec